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Want to See an Umpire Clinic Near you?

Request to host a course by filling out the Clinic Request Form found at the link below. Clinics must be sanctioned by FHO in order for participants to receive certification. While FHO is working to create a course schedule, help us identify where and when you would like to see a course run by making a request, and FHO will help organize and facilitate the course, subject to availability. 

Umpire Certification Pathway

Looking to become an umpire? Below you will find an introduction to the available levels of umpire certification in Ontario, and what is required to complete each level. Make sure to check out our calendar to see when and where the next available courses are.

Looking for More Resources?

If you are looking for more information, head over to our Resources page at the link below, and browse through the additional documents under "Umpire Resources".