Update to Coach Education

October 30, 2017


Field Hockey Ontario (FHO) is the Provincial Sport Organization responsible for governing the sport of field hockey in Ontario. This includes responsibility for promoting and delivering coach education, training, and certification to coaches at all levels in the province in accordance with standards set by Field Hockey Canada (FHC) using coach education materials developed by FHC and approved by the Coaches Association of Canada.

The quality of coaches directly affects the quality of the sport experience for participants. Research has shown that the drop-out rate for children in programs with untrained coaches is about 26% compared to only 5% when programs are delivered by trained/certified coaches. The Ontario Trillium Foundation quotes these research results as rationale for the Foundation’s support of projects that improve the quality of sport experience and lead to more people who participate on an ongoing basis. FHO is committed to supporting our athletes to achieve their goals within our sport regardless of the level at which they are capable, and/or choose to participate and compete. To assist in meeting this commitment FHO has adopted standards for education and training of coaches who work with athletes at all ages/stages in Ontario. The standards align with the recommendations of Field Hockey Canada (FHC) Competition Review report (2016), and will be phased in over a period of four years.


You’ll find the Coach Education Standards in the Coaches section of FHO website along with detailed information about Coach Training and Certification.


Individual coaches.
Please review your NCCP training and education status - log in to the Coaches Association of Canada The Locker database with your NCCP # and password. By comparing your current status with the standards you can identify training/certification that you still need in order to qualify for the coaching assignments that you wish to take on in the future. FHO will be using these standards as a guide when assigning coaches to FHO programs.


Club representatives. Please use the Coach Education Standards to assess the education needs of your Club coaches. You can view the current status of coaches by inputting the Coach last name and NCCP # into the ‘Public Transcript’ tab at the top of the Coaches Association of Canada website.


The Committee will be preparing a schedule of courses to offer in 2018. Feedback from individual coaches and Clubs as to the courses that are needed most will assist the committee with choosing the most appropriate offerings and locations.

Coaches and Clubs: please e-mail edu@fieldhockeyontario.com indicating courses (both NCCP multi-sport courses and Field Hockey sport-specific) that you would like to see offered, and an estimate of how many coaches might attend the training.

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