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Safe Sport

What is Safe Sport?

Safe Sport is the capacity to develop an athlete's skills in a safe and courteous setting while continuously refining methods to ensure the safety of all players. With access to training, rules, laws, standards, and policies, safe sports can be played.

Why Is Safe Sport Important?

Safe Sport is critical because these young athletes place their faith in our organization to provide a fun and safe environment. We want to provide an experience for these athletes that allows them to achieve their highest ambitions while minimizing risk as much as possible.

This is critical for the players' health as well as their success. We want our players to be happy and healthy at all times.


Field Hockey Ontario (“FHO”) has a fundamental obligation and responsibility to protect the health, safety, and physical and mental well-being of every individual that is involved in the field hockey community in Ontario.

FHO takes any situation involving misconduct or maltreatment very seriously. For this reason, FHO is committed to enacting and enforcing strong, clear, and effective policies and processes for preventing and addressing all forms of misconduct or maltreatment.

The policies are intended to promote a Safe Sport environment in a manner that allows for consistent, immediate, appropriate, and meaningful action should any issues arise. The policies are also intended to prevent issues from arising in the first place by communicating expected standards of behaviour.

Should any individuals involved with FHO, including but not limited to Athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers, and parents/guardians of Athletes, wish to report any instance of misconduct or maltreatment, they may do so directly to FHO, which will then determine the appropriate forum and manner to address the complaint.

FHO also recognizes the recent development of the Universal Code of Conduct to Prevent and Address Maltreatment in Sport (“UCCMS”). Although only federally-funded sport organizations are required to integrate the UCCMS into their policies, FHO recognizes the benefits of aligning its policies with the National standard.


Creating a culture where everyone can thrive is a shared responsibility. The Safe Sport Training module developed by the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) will help anyone involved in sport identify and prevent situations of maltreatment.

Together, we can make sport safe for everyone.


Understand that everyone has a role to play in keeping sport safe, how the misuse of power leads to maltreatment and the principles of the Universal Code of Conduct.

Learn about the various types of maltreatment, the conditions that enable them, and how to recognize signs that they may be happening.

Find out what to do if you suspect maltreatment, and how you can create a culture that protects all participants.

Safe Sport Resources

The Canadian Sport Helpline — The helpline provides assistance to victims and witnesses of harassment, abuse, and discrimination in the sport. This is an anonymous, confidential, and independent service open to all members of the Canadian Sport community, whether at the national, provincial, or local levels.

To contact the Canadian Sport Helpline:
Phone : 1-888-83SPORT(77678)
Email :