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Membership year:


September 1st to August 31st


Membership Costs 2019 - 2020:

Senior Player (born 2002 or before)

Junior Player (born 2003 - 2008)

Youth Player (born 2009 - 2013)





Where does the fee go?


FHC: FHC fees account for approximately half the cost of a FHO membership, and in some cases more than half. FHC provides insurance, as well as coach and official education, development and certification programs and resources. The programs and resources are then delivered by FHO to our members.


FHO: The remainder of the membership fee is put towards running FHO. This includes tournament equipment costs, legal, audit and regulatory compliance expenses, equipment storage costs, bookkeeping services, and meeting facility costs, etc. There are many costs associated with running an organization. FHO is a non-profit organization and posts all of its financial documents on its website. You can see last year's Financial Statements here 


What does the fee get you?


Individual Membership


  • Ability to participate in any FHO or FHC competition/league/tournament, as well as any event sanctioned by FHO

  • Ability to try out for and play on FHO provincial teams

  • Insurance:

    • Excess accident insurance if you get hurt participating in FHO sanctioned events

    • Excess accident insurance if you get hurt at a club practice, provided your club is registered with FHO

    • Please note - Excess Accident insurance does not pay benefits payable by your provincial medical insurance (OHIP), whether you are enrolled or not

    • Third Party Liability insurance, covering members for legal costs  and damages should they be sued for actions related to participation in an FHO sanctioned events.

  • More information about FHC insurance coverage can be found here:

  • Ability to register for any FHO coaching or umpiring training and certification courses

  • Ability to vote at FHO AGMs or other special meetings (see By-laws for details

It is important to make sure that clubs are only using registered players, coaches, administrators and referees for FHO sanctioned competitions and trainings - not only because it is mandatory based on FHC policy, but also to ensure that participants in the game are covered by insurance. 



Club Membership


  • Insurance:

    • Liability insurance for facility rentals

    • Liability insurance for sanctioned club events, including practices, games, leagues and clinics, and certain social events, such as award banquets

    • Directors and Officers insurance for club officials who are registered members of FHO

  • Ability to participate in FHO leagues and tournaments

  • Access to the AltiusRT competition management tool for any league or competition run by your club

  • Eligibility to apply for grants from various funding organization

  • Access to the National Sport Trust Fund for fundraising projects 

  • Having your club featured on the FHO website with a link to your club website

  • Promotion by FHO of your club and any competitions, leagues and tournaments



An Important Final Point:


Member registration and the associated fees demonstrate to funding bodies that an organization is viable and worthy of funding support for programs.

A strong provincial organization is better able to support its members, both individual and club, by developing and implementing  programming that benefits all members in the long term. FHO is almost entirely volunteer-run and we're always looking for volunteers to help us develop the sport. If you are interested in volunteering with FHO, please email

Need to cancel your membership? Please look at the by-laws stated in our About FHO page here



$51.86 ​






Everyone involved with field hockey in Ontario should have an active membership! The membership period is from September 1st to August 31st of every year. Learn more about what the membership offers below!
Not sure about the policy for transferring between clubs? Learn more here, on page 3 under 'Transfer of Membership from one affiliated Club to another affiliated Club' OR learn more from one of our news articles here.
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