There are a number of incredible resources across the internet, within the field hockey and beyond! However you're involved in sport, being informed and up-to-date with the current landscape of sport is important in helping both yourself and your sport grow. 

Take a look at the various resources and courses below, and see what interests you! Take your education and development to the next level by taking advantage of the great programming you can take in the comfort of your own home (especially the FREE ones!).

Pan American Field Hockey e-learning opportunities

PAHF has partnered with Sport Brain and created 7 different e-Learning opportunities focused on field hockey.

WADA anti-doping e-learning

The Anti-Doping e-Learning platform (ADeL) offers access to all topics related to clean sport and anti-doping. It offers courses for athletes, coaches, doctors, administrators and anyone interested in learning more about anti-doping and protecting the values of clean sport.

SPort for life

Sport for Life have many downloadable resources and webinars and in their Campus, you will find workshops and e-learning opportunities.

Appetite to play - physical literacy - e-learning

An introduction to developing physical literacy in early childhood. The cost of this module is $10 and takes around 90 minutes to complete.