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Want to See a Coaching Course Near you?

Request to host a course by filling out the Clinic Request Form found at the link below. Clinics must be sanctioned by FHO in order for participants to receive certification. While FHO is working to create a course schedule, help us identify where and when you would like to see a course run by making a request, and FHO will help organize and facilitate the course, subject to availability. 

Coaching Certification

National Coach Certification Program (NCCP) Outline for Field Hockey Coaches in Canada.

(Developed and Approved by Field Hockey Canada (FHC) and the Coaches Association of Canada (CAC))

So you want to be a field hockey coach – where to start?  

Identify the appropriate context. The age and stage of development of athletes being coached dictates the appropriate educational/ certification context that a coach should pursue. Three contexts are available to Field Hockey coaches – Community, Competition Introduction (Comp Intro), and Competition Development (Comp Dev). Please see the ‘Target Coaches’ column in the chart below to identify which context is appropriate for you.


There is one Field Hockey Specific course for each context. Community and Comp Intro courses are organized and delivered by Field Hockey Ontario, and Comp Dev is organized and delivered by Field Hockey Canada. Certain NCCP multi-sport training modules are also required to be completed for each Context in order to achieve ‘Trained’ status. Some of the multi-sport courses are prerequisites (to be taken before) the Field Hockey course, and others are required in order for a coach to be fully trained in the context, and may be taken after the Field Hockey Specific course. The chart below and the Notes following it list the prerequisites and other required courses for each context. Multi-sport courses are offered through the Coaches Association of Ontario (CAO), and in some cases Field Hockey Ontario may organize/host them. See the CAO website for course dates, locations and times.

Training and Certification Status

In Training - When a coach has completed some, but not all, of the required courses for a context the Coach is considered to be ‘In Training’ for that context.

Trained - Coaches who have completed all the training for a particular context have “Trained” status in that context. Trained is the highest status for the Community Coach.

Certified - To be certified (Comp Intro or Comp Dev only), in addition to completing training, the coach must submit a portfolio, and be evaluated by a Coach Evaluator at a practice and, for Comp Dev, at a competition. After successful evaluation a coach has ‘Certified’ status.

Coaches who have considerable experience and have completed the Making Headway in Sport on-line course and the Making Ethical Decisions evaluation for the Comp Intro context are able to “challenge”, and be evaluated for Comp Intro certification without taking all of the prescribed training courses. To apply for certification, email with your name and NCCP # - a Coach Evaluator will be assigned and contact you with further details.

Records - All records of NCCP coach training are kept in the Coaches Association of Canada on-line database known as ‘The Locker’.

The table below provides an outline of target coaches for each context and the prerequisites for each Field Hockey Specific Course.

Context/Course Target Coaches NCCP Prerequisites Time - FH Specific Certification
Community Coach Field Hockey Specific -coaches coaching children 6 – 12 years or players being introduced to the sport for the first time -Jr High School -Making Ethical Decisions -Making Headway in Sport (**online – free) -Fundamental Movement Skills 9 hours, includes both classroom and on the pitch No. Trained status once prerequisites and Community course completed.
Introduction to Competition (Comp Intro) Field Hockey Specific -Competitive club teams -Summer Games -Assistant Coaches at Provincial Level -High School -Making Headway in Sport (**online – free) -Making Ethical Decisions -Planning a Practice -Teaching and Learning - *see Note 1 14 - 17 hours, includes both classroom and on the pitch -Portfolio -On-site assessment at a practice
Competition Development (Comp Dev) Field Hockey Specific -University -Head Coaches at Provincial Level -Quest for Gold -U21/U23 competitive teams -Summer Games -Making Headway in Sport (**online – free) -Making Ethical Decisions -Design a Basic Sports Program -Developing Athletic Abilities -Psychology of Performance - *See Note 2 14 - 18 hours, including time both classroom and on the pitch -Portfolio -On-site assessment at both a competition and practice

 Note 1 – For ‘trained’ status, the following NCCP Multi-Sport courses are also required: Basic Mental Skills, Design a Sports Program, Nutrition

* Note 2 – For ‘trained’ status, the following NCCP Multi-Sport courses are also required: Prevention and Recovery, Coaching and Leading, Managing Conflict, Leading Drug Free Sport

**Making Headway in Sport – free online learning module accessed at Important websites for additional information: 

  • Field Hockey Canada (

  • Coaches Association of Ontario ( ) ( 

  • Coaches Association of Canada (

For any general information re: Field Hockey Canada coach education program – contact:

Updated January, 2020.