Field Hockey Ontario's Vision

Our Vision – Growing the sport, together.

Our Mission - Field Hockey Ontario (FHO) is a not-for-profit, mostly volunteer run organization. It is the provincial sport organization (PSO) that leads, grows and promotes field hockey and indoor hockey in Ontario by engaging Clubs, developing qualified coaches and officials, and supporting athletes at all development stages.

Our Values – We believe in:

Integrity is at the heart of what we do: We are open and honest. We proactively communicate. We make ethical decisions that reflect our values.

A Culture of Excellence: We implement quality standards, programs, and practices.

We lead by example: We create a resilient environment that continuously improves.

Respectful Engagement: We welcome diverse perspectives. We foster positive relationships. We promote the principles of True Sport on the field of play.

Community Spirit: We connect around our shared passion. We fuel a pride of belonging. We honour our cultural mosaic.



FHO Board of Directors

President - Richard Crowell

Secretary - Sue Robertson

Directors at Large

Grants - Dana Hetherton

High Performance - Nicola Davey

Officials & Coaches - Scott Davis

Masters - Ilenna Tai

Tournaments - Heidi Calder

Membership - Erin Craig

Operations and Strategy


FHO Bylaws

FHO Strategic Plan

FHO Logo Protocol

FHO Event Accreditation Standards and Procedures

FHO Budgeting and Financial Performance Monitoring

FHO Guideline for Budget and Planning

FHO Women's Fund Program

Rowan's Law

Concussion Code of Conduct for Athletes | Punjabi | Hindi

Staff Concussion Code of Conduct with Rowan's Law | Punjabi | Hindi

Concussion Policy in Compliance with Rowan's Law | Punjabi | Hindi

Requirements of Rowan's Law Legislation | Punjabi | Hindi


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FHO Appeal Policy

FHO Privacy Policy

FHO Membership Policy

FHO Accessibility Policy

FHO Provincial Teams Selection Policy

FHO Discipline and Complaints Policy

FHO Dispute Resolution Policy

FHO Board of Directors Code of Ethics/Conduct

FHO Code of Conduct

FHO Volunteer Code of Conduct

FHO Anti Doping Policy

FHO Harassment Policy

FHO Conflict of Interest Policy and Form

FHO Financial Policy

FHO Club Recognition Policy

FHO Officials' Investment Program

FHO Social Media Policy

FHO Inclusion Policy

FHO Parents/ Guardians Code of Conduct

FHO Screening Policy

FHO Confidentiality Policy


FHO Forms

FHO Accredited Events Agreement Form

FHO Expense Claim Form 

FHO Conflict of Interest Form

FHO Officials' Investment Program Form

FHO_Incident Report

FHO Concussion Form

FHO Voting by Proxy Form

FHO BOD Nomination Form

FHO Injury Report Form

FHO School's Grant Form

FHO Competitive Grant Form


AGM Agenda 2019A

FHO Financial Statements 2019

AGM Minutes 2018-12-02

AGM Presentation December 2018

FHO Financial Statements 2018

AGM Presentation November 2017

Draft Financial Statement 2017

AGM Minutes 2017-11-25

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FHO Financial Statements 2016

AGM Minutes 2016-01-16

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